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Ordering Standard TM Pipe Fittings

   Please provide the following information when you order TM brand pipe fittings :

   - Figure number, name and nominal size;

   - Type of thread;

   - Black or galvanized; and

   - Quantity.

Specification of Nominal Size of TM Standard Pipe Fittings

    To avoid confusion, the nominal size of different types of pipe fittings are designated as below :

     - Irrespective of the number of outlets, equal fittings (where all outlets are of the same size) are referred to by that one size;

     - For unequal fittings with two, three or four outlets :

        2 Outlets : the larger diameter comes first, and the smaller second;

        3 Outlets : the larger diameter of the two on the same line comes first, the smaller second, and the remaining diameter is third;

        4 Outlets : the largest diameter comes first followed by the one on the same line, then the larger one of the remaining two and the last one fourth.

  Please refer to the following figures as examples :

Ordering Non-standard Items

     As our special services to customer, we encourage you to create your own fittings with your best imagination.

     Please provide us the following infomation when you need non-standard pipe fittings :

    1) Detailed specifications, such as materials, dimensions, dimensional tolerance, and other technical specifications;

    2) Usage and application conditions;

    3) Standards or regulations to be applied for manufacturings the ordered items;

    4) Quantity required, and prospect of the demand if possible; and

    5) Samples, drafts if possible.


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